Farmington Hills City Council

The city of Farmington Hills, Michigan is a quiet community that is thriving in many ways. Not only is the population of the city growing, but more businesses are making Farmington Hills their home every year. The residents of Farmington Hills enjoy an increasing number of opportunities, while the community continues to make the area a comfortable place to live.

Farmington Hills, Michigan City Council

Address: 31555 West Eleven Mile Road, Farmington Hills, Michigan 48336-1165
Phone Number: 248-871-2400

Council Structure

The Farmington Hills city council consists of the mayor and seven council members. One council member is designated the Mayor Pro Tem, and the service of the mayor and the council members is considered to be part-time. The mayor is limited to serving two terms of two years each, and each council member serves a four-year term that is staggered.

The arrangement of the Farmington Hills city council works as a council/manager type of arrangement. The city council has the power to create and approve new ordinances and laws within the city, and the city manager has the job of carrying those ordinances out. The job of city manager is an appointed position that is determined by the city council.


The Farmington Hills city council meets on the second and fourth Monday of every month, unless other scheduling arrangements are made and agreed to by the council. If the council changes a meeting date, it must alert the public to the change in meeting date and time. Meetings begin at 7:30 p.m. and are held in the Farmington Hills City Hall. The local cable television channel broadcasts each meeting, and the public is welcome to attend meetings as well.

The agenda of each council meeting is published in advance, and each meeting follows its agenda closely. There is time set aside in every council meeting for the public to address the council, but anyone wishing to address the council must submit their intentions to the City Clerk before the meeting begins. There are forms available for people to fill out for addressing the council, and each person approved to talk to the council will get 10 minutes to make their presentation.

Offering Information to the Public

The Farmington Hills city council uses its website to be as transparent as possible to the public. The Farmington Hills city council website is where anyone can find meeting agendas prior to meetings taking place, and the minutes from every meeting are posted on the website when they are completed.

The public is also invited to call the City Clerk to get any information on council procedures, and to get detailed information on contacting the council. The public is welcome to utilize the council website where the email addresses of the mayor and each council member are clearly posted.

Extended Council Activities

Many of the members of the Farmington Hills city council had previously served on various committees and boards involved with city business prior to winning a seat on the council. The diverse backgrounds of each council member and their experiences with hands-on work to help the city have enhanced the ability of the council to tackle the issues that the city faces.

The Farmington Hills city council also encourages citizens to serve on city boards and commissions to get as much input from residents as possible. Residents interested in being a part of the process of government in Farmington Hills can attend council meetings and interact with the council, or they can contact the City Clerk to ask about joining the many groups the city sponsors.

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